Q – Why should you verify your RV Park or Campground?

A – Reviews are important to RVers, now more than ever. Plus it’s FREE & Easy!

  • Before deciding where to take their next camping trip, today’s RVers do their due diligence; researching to find out who deserves their hard earned money, and reading about others experiences.
  • Many seasoned RVers have been burned in the past and are now more cautious than ever, while many newer RVers are already internet savvy, researching before EVERY trip.
  • Nobody settles from someone they don’t trust. Verifying your Campground gets you one step closer to gaining an RVers Trust, and earning their business.

Verified Campground Listings proudly display the Green Badge of Verification.

  • Signifying your Campground has verified their contact information and location
  • Shows your commitment to Guest Satisfaction and a Great Reputation. Lastly
  • Helps your listing stand out from the other Campgrounds without verification.

Take it to the next level and Claim your listing!

With a Claimed Listing you not only get the benefits of a Verified Listing described above, you also get:

  • Customized Display Image – including your Campground Logo
  • About Us Section – a place for your description and reasons for coming to your Campground
  • Amenities Section – list of all the amenities you offer
  • Priority Service – email support from our staff
  • And Much More….

See below for the different benefits of each status:

Un-Verified Badge
Verified Badge
Comment on Reviews*
Info on Campground Verified
Claimed Badge
Comment on Reviews*
Info on Campground Verified
Logo Added
Add A Video
Add Images
Description of Campground
Social Icons
Amenities Added
Hours of Operation
Contact Us Button
Priority Help From Campground Review

* We do have rules about your comments on reviews. See them here.