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    We called while on the road and the woman I spoke with was very nice. We booked it and arrived shortly before the office closed. Getting to the site was not a problem but once we realized that the sewer was so far away and that we would need another extension I started calling around. There is NOTHING in Wakeeney open after 7 pm so I called the office again, explained the problem and asked if they had an extension in the camp store. The friendly woman from earlier had disappeared and while they did come back (15 min after closing) she did it begrudgingly. The sites are nice and level. They are close to I70 which is convenient but loud. If u have a long RV with trailer unless u have at least 30 feet of sewer pipe (or whatever they are called) u will not be able to reach the sewer connection. However, we knew we were in for a storm and watched it until 11 pm when we finally turned in. Sometime between 2 and 4 am they came knocking on our door to tell us to come to the building for cover. The sirens were going off and there was a tornado going down I70. IMO whatever rudeness the woman showed regarding the need for extensions was erased by the man showing up in the middle of a Tornado to tell everyone to take cover. FYI the sirens there sound more like European police sirens and at home they are one long whale tapering off and then increasing again so we had not identified it as it was a need to take cover. I will definitely check that from now on.

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