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    Worst campground we have ever stayed at and we have been camping for many, many years!
    We think our RV was hit by one of the mowers, bent our ladder, broke the bracket and then I was called a Liar by the owner and was told I wasn’t allowed to talk to any of his employee’s! I have never been spoken to, the way the owner spoke to me. He also told me that was last he wanted to hear of it!
    Our power would go out any where between once and ten times a day, especially on the weekends, the owner told us it was our camper. We haven’t had that problem before or after we left there.
    The owner was putting chemicals on our site and because we have little dogs, I asked what he was putting down and he said ” Dog Killer”. So I asked him again and he said it was Round Up. I asked if it was harmful to dogs and he said”Only if they drink it.”
    What great customer service, huh! We will never go back there and I discourage anyone from going there!

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