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    This “farmhouse” was a dump! All the windows and doors were open–there was dirt and grime everywhere, and the refrigerator was on the back porch. The upstairs rooms were hot and grimy, and none of the two window air conditioner units worked–and were covered in dead bugs. No one was there to offer a check-in or answer questions. Being a 70 year old single woman–I was not going to stay in this house by myself. I checked into a motel in Galax, and when I got my credit card bill on Aug 11th after getting home–found that I had been charged even though I never signed any paperwork or stayed there.

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      Bonjour FlorianMerci de ton message, je vois que tu m’as démasquée : la suite en dÃre8mb©c&#e230; toujours dans Tralalire.Je voudrais te poser deux questions : tu dis avoir écrit 60 versions de ton histoire, mais tu en as envoyées combien à Bayard ? Et par ailleurs, est-ce toi qui a proposé Louise-Marie Colon comme illustratrice ?Bien à toi Carole B

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