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    Campground hosts seem to be so obsessed with women going into the men’s room when the women’s room was full it was bizarre. While I normally follow rules, I had to pee! I cracked the men’s door slightly and asked if anyone was in there. A kind man stood guard for me. The next morning I was met by both campground hosts with screaming about today’s society, sex trafficking and sexual assaults. I kid you not, the woman caretaker was yelling quite loudly. Other guests stood shocked. She even mentioned that her husband could be in there and didn’t want other women looking at him.

    I left a note saying that their political frustrations seem to have rendered them intolerant beyond reason. I asked them to please consider older women like me who have lost the ability to “hold it”, dads with little girls and caretakers with opposite sex patients when enforcing their bathroom rules.

    If you get a campsite along the river, it’s awesome. Other sites are horrible. Personally, I will never stay there again…got enough crazy people that I deal with already! 🙂

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