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    Arrowhead Lakes in Wapakoneta Ohio is under new management-Venture Outdoors-and is completely changed. We are fulltimers and use to enjoy our stay here but after this very poor experience will never return. They enforce rules when they decide too-won’t allow us to leave for 24 hrs twice during a 14 day stay but don’t enforce dogs straying, food at the pool or the other campers who don’t return to their campers but just didn’t ask permission to stay away. They no longer take cash for washing campers but we saw 2 people wash theirs that were not stopped. Confused? We are. Sites are not picked up after people leave in the coast to coast section and weeds and trash litter the fence line.Our guess is that Coast to coast is not valued here and we certainly feel that way.When I brought the situations up I was told we are responsible to come complain every time we see an infraction so that they can take care of it. Guess they don’t have the manpower to police the park. Amazing!

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