I forgot my username or password what do I do?
You can ask for account help by using the Contact link at the bottom of the page or by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.

I’ve emailed you and haven’t heard back. What’s up?
We have a small staff and emails are handled in the order they are received. Be sure to check your spam folder if you have aggressive e-mail filtering – you may have missed our response.

How do I submit a Campground Review:
Go here for a step by step on how to leave a review: http://campground-review.com/how-to-leave-a-review

Will the site make changes to the review I submitted?
Absolutely Not.

Can my review be removed?
It is possible for a review to be removed if it has nothing to do with the RV Park or Campground. We make every attempt to make this site a useful place. It is at our discretion if we remove a review. If your review was removed and you would like to dispute that with us, we would be happy to talk. Simply contact us via the contact form.

When will my review be posted for public viewing?
Reviews are posted after being approved by our site admins. While we strive to be transparent in this process, during busy times of year there are often hundreds of reviews submitted each day, causing some delay.

First time reviewers your reviews will display publicly upon approval of your second review.
We understand this is an inconvenience but it helps keep Campground Reviews free from commercial content and is one of the ways we ensure that reviews are legitimate and not submitted by RV Parks or Campgrounds or others with a commercial interest in a business. Thanks for understanding.

How often can I review a Campground?
Only one review may be submitted for a Campground during a 90 day period.

Adding Photos to Reviews
By uploading images, you are granting Campground Reviews non-exclusive right to use, copy, re-purpose and display those photos. Photos should be relevant to the RV Park or Campground. Only non-commercial content (no advertising) is allowed.

  • We accept photos in the following formats: jpg and png. Photos larger than 5 mb and duplicate images are not accepted.
  • Photos must be appropriate for all ages. Do not upload images that are vulgar, obscene, offensive, insulting or objectionable in any way.
  • All images must be original (taken by you). No images from other sources or material, posted elsewhere. Do not post content that infringes on any copyright, trademark or other legal property right.
  • Campgrounds may only load images via the owner listing interface.
  • Campground Reviews may remove blurry, dark or difficult to view images.
  • Campground Reviews may remove photos at any time and for any reason.

What is the difference between Not Verified, Verified & Claimed Campgrounds?
Not Verified Campgrounds
is a Campground that has not been in contact with Campground-Review.com to verify that their information listed is correct.
Verified Campground is a Campground that has contacted Campground-Review.com and verified that their information listed is correct.
Claimed Campground is a Campground that has contacted Campground-Review.com and verified that their information listed is correct. Claimed Campgrounds are also paying a small nominal fee to have more items be shown on their listing (such as logo, description, hours, services, video, etc). None of these statuses allow the Campground preference on our site. Each status has a different badge. If a Campground no longer wishes to participate as a Claimed Campground they will simply go back to a Verified Campground.

Who owns the site?
The site is privately owned by RV Camping Connect.

What keeps RV Parks & Campgrounds from submitting fake reviews?
We make every attempt to screen for this unscrupulous practice but there is no doubt some “cheating” goes undetected. Users of the site, however, can probably identify glowing reviews that are not consistent with negative reviews submitted by authentic guests.

Do advertisers get favored review status or have any input on review content or site policies?

Why does it take so long for my review to appear?
An admin must approve the first review you do, which can take some time, depending on how many have come in for the day.

Does the site reject negative reviews?
Absolutely not. A simple glance at the Campground-Review.com home page at any time will show the most recently submitted reviews, and there are often poorly rated Campgrounds displaying. This is not the place however, to vent one’s anger at the management of a Campground where one was treated badly. A review will never be rejected simply because it described a bad experience. Campground-Review.com is not the proper venue to settle customer disputes.

Can Campgrounds have negative reviews removed from the site?
A review may be removed if we confirm that the review was factually incorrect or posted in opposition to our site use agreement. Reviews are rarely removed and never because a Campground denies an incident occurred.

Where does my review show up?
Your review will be on the Campground-Review.com website, as well as it may be publicized to social media and other various newsletters or print media. It is at Campground-Review.com’s discretion as to where and when the reviews will be used in other sources.

Question Not Answered?
Please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to get all of your questions answered. Email info @ campground-review.com